The Alarm Clock Light Wakes You Up Gently and Naturally

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alarm clock light The Alarm Clock Light Wakes You Up Gently and Naturally

The Alarm Clock Light Wakes You Up Gently and Naturally

Having trouble waking up in the morning is a common problem for most of us and this is why they invented the alarm clock. We may all hate them, but they have become one of our most essential possessions. There are a wide variety of alarm clocks available, from the traditional wind-up clock that makes that annoying ringing noise, to more high-tech clocks that have features such as an AM/FM radio and an MP3 player so that you can wake up to music. But one of the most popular recent types of alarm clock is the alarm clock light.

The alarm clock light, which is also known as a dawn simulator, works on the basic principle of using your natural body clock to wake you up gently. This type of alarm clock shines a progressively stronger light onto your face to help simulate the transition from night to dawn, sending your body the signal that it is time to wake up. This feature makes it more effective than more intrusive alarm clocks that use noise to awaken sleepers. Dawn simulators can also help lull you to sleep by working in the opposite way: emitting a light that gradually dims until it is gone to simulate nightfall. Using this clock not only helps wake you up more effectively, it also ensures you get a deeper, healthier night’s sleep.

Among the many features that an alarm clock light has that you can choose from include ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ options that dim or strengthen the light over adjustable periods ranging from thirty to ninety minutes, AM/FM radio, gentle sounds to accompany your waking such as waves breaking, rain and white noise and a backup such as a beeper in case the light fails to wake you up. Since these types of alarm clocks primarily work on electricity, you might also opt for a clock that has a power failure backup if the area you’re in does not have a reliable energy supply.

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