Wake Up Even In A Power Blackout With The Sony ICF-C318 Clock Radio with Dual Alarm

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The Sony ICF-C318 Clock Radio with Dual Alarm is an inexpensive and functional clock radio. It features two separate alarms and for easy reading, sony icf c318 clock radio with dual alarm Wake Up Even In A Power Blackout With The Sony ICF C318 Clock Radio with Dual Alarmthe display is more than sufficient. In order to wake you up each morning, you’ll be able to hear a buzzer or the radio. The 0.9″ green LED screen of the ICF-C318, may be seen without problem from across the room. Its compact design includes a built-in calendar, full power menu backup and also dual alarms.

Compared to previous models, this clock radio features four new buttons and controls and snazzy new feature. The clock now comes with three levels of brightness which was not available in the earlier button so now the screen won’t keep you up at night. Apart from the brightness level button, there’s also a buzzer volume switch, a rotary switch for the second alarm and time setting control for the second alarm too. An excellent feature of the clock radio is the “No Power-No Problem” feature. When the alarm is scheduled to go off, it’ll still do it, even when the power has gone out in the house.

Older Sony Clock Radio displays were particularly bright so the brightness feature is a good option. With three lighting options, it will have a much wider appeal. With the dimmest option on, you won’t have to worry about the clock distracting you as you try and sleep. The buzzer is not particularly loud, even at the loudest setting. If you would like make sure that you wake up, you need to use the radio alarm. What is fantastic about this clock radio over the earlier models is the alarm function still works even though the power is down.

If you set the radio alarm but the power goes out, the buzzer is going to go off in its place. You will not need to be worried about missing work mainly because your alarm did not go off during a power disruption. A number of people who purchased the clock radio found the quality of sound of the radio to be not very good. Even though the sound is rather clear through the speakers, it isn’t high fidelity. However, the clock does provide precise time which is more ideal than excellent audio quality. A Li wafer battery is utilized to keep the clock’s time.

For something that’s less than $20, Sony ICF-C318 Clock Radio with Dual Alarm is a fairly good deal for a clock radio. On the whole, customers have given the ICF-C318 good to superb ratings. If you would just like a nice compact clock radio that gives precise time and good radio reception, then you can’t go wrong with the ICF-C318.

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