The Alarm Clock Light Wakes You Up Gently and Naturally

alarm clock light The Alarm Clock Light Wakes You Up Gently and Naturally

The Alarm Clock Light Wakes You Up Gently and Naturally

Having trouble waking up in the morning is a common problem for most of us and this is why they invented the alarm clock. We may all hate them, but they have become one of our most essential possessions. There are a wide variety of alarm clocks available, from the traditional wind-up clock that makes that annoying ringing noise, to more high-tech clocks that have features such as an AM/FM radio and an MP3 player so that you can wake up to music. But one of the most popular recent types of alarm clock is the alarm clock light.

The alarm clock light, which is also known as a dawn simulator, works on the basic principle of using your natural body clock to wake you up gently. This type of alarm clock shines a progressively stronger light onto your face to help simulate the transition from night to dawn, sending your body the signal that it is time to wake up. This feature makes it more effective than more intrusive alarm clocks that use noise to awaken sleepers. Dawn simulators can also help lull you to sleep by working in the opposite way: emitting a light that gradually dims until it is gone to simulate nightfall. Using this clock not only helps wake you up more effectively, it also ensures you get a deeper, healthier night’s sleep.

Among the many features that an alarm clock light has that you can choose from include ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ options that dim or strengthen the light over adjustable periods ranging from thirty to ninety minutes, AM/FM radio, gentle sounds to accompany your waking such as waves breaking, rain and white noise and a backup such as a beeper in case the light fails to wake you up. Since these types of alarm clocks primarily work on electricity, you might also opt for a clock that has a power failure backup if the area you’re in does not have a reliable energy supply.

Natural Light Alarm Clock

alarm clock light Natural Light Alarm Clock

Natural Light Alarm Clock

A natural light alarm clock is the way we are meant to wake up. Over the history of their existence, alarm clocks have changed in the way they wake up their owners. The most common forms of these clocks wake up people with very high pitched sounds. Even the soundest sleeper cannot keep sleeping with the constant ring of the alarm on his bedside. While it may be true that having these high pitched and ultra loud alarm clocks is a benefit for people who have a hard time waking up on time each day, it is also true that sometimes the sounds the clocks make cause damage to our hearing. Thus, innovators have invented a natural light alarm clock. This aims to revolutionize the way alarm clocks greet people a good morning. For information on the benefits and uniqueness of a natural light alarm clock, read on.

The concept of the natural light alarm clock is simple: wake up people the most natural way possible. That is, this type of alarm clock displays an artificial light that resembles a natural sunlight. That way, people can do away with high pitched sounds and rings that not only cause damage to their hearing, but also irritate them to start their day. This new way of waking people up has received a lot of praise from people who wish to wake up to the brightness of the morning, and not the loud sounds of their mechanical time pieces.

Wake up naturally with a dawn simulator natural light alarm clock. The alarm clock light is a marvellous idea,  good for your health and general well being, a great way to start your day refreshed and happy.

This natural light alarm clock is often called the dawn simulator, because it does just that – it brightens up the room the way a sunrise does each day. People whose rooms cannot be reached by the rays of the sun can already greet the morning with a smile of their face, not with a constant irritating ring on their ear. Truly, the natural light alarm clock is a welcome innovation every home must have.

The Benefits of an Alarm Clock Light

alarm clock light The Benefits of an Alarm Clock Light

The Benefits of an Alarm Clock Light

Waking up at the break of dawn is more difficult than it seems. It takes a lot of effort and mind power to hurl yourself out of bed and get ready for work. Luckily, there are a few things that can help you with that daunting task. Alarm clocks nowadays are equipped with various features to help different people wake up or be alert whenever they require. One of these features is the alarm clock light.

As opposed to a regular alarm clock, those that sport an alarm clock light are more efficient when it comes to waking people up. Since people often place their alarm clocks somewhere where it is out of reach, as soon as the clock sounds the alarm, it will be easier for the person to spot it and read the time. The alarm clock light is usually one of the most prized features of old ragtag clocks. Such clocks are able to produce various sounds of nature with the help of natural light. Although the alarm is set once you buy a model, you can still modify its features according to your preference. The alarm clock light is set in default and turns on within 15 minutes prior to the sound of the natural alarm. As the time continues to tick, the alarm clock light will slowly brighten every five minutes. Once it hits the 30-minute mark, the alarm will automatically go off. There are also some alarm clocks that come with a snooze button in case you would like to defer the alarm for another 5 or 10 minutes. The good thing about having this type of feature, however, is that it makes you’re the device more noticeable and more effective when serving its purpose. Make sure that you also take into consideration the consumer reviews prior to selecting the right alarm clock for you.
BlueMax Sunrise System 300x300 The Benefits of an Alarm Clock Light

Alarm Clock Light

alarm clock light Alarm Clock Light

Alarm Clock Light

The idea of waking up naturallywith an alarm clock light is a great improvement over being jolted awake suddenly and sharply by the unforgiving loud noise from your alarm clock. Research as shown that in the early morning your biological clock is sensitive to low level light. Therefore by waking to a steadily increasing light you get a more natural transition from sleeping to waking. This means you will begin the day feeling more refreshed and in a calmer and better mood.

Natural light alarm clocks gradually illuminate your bedroom over a period of time just like the sun does every morning. The process can start from around 15 to 90 minutes prior to your designated wake up time and can be adjustable depending on the model of alarm clock light and your particular needs. Most people will awaken naturally with these subtle changes in lighting. However these gradual light alarm clocks also feature an audible alarm just in case it is required.

A natural alarm clock light can double as a useful adjustable bedside light. They may also be set at bedtime to gradually decrease in light like a relaxing sundown. This will help you drift off to sleep naturally too.

An alarm clock light can be good for your health. Light is well known to have an affect on human behavior, moods and activity. Clinical studies have shown these alarm clock lights will help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), some forms of depression, and various sleep disorders. Increasing daytime energy will also be helpful in limiting weight gain during the winter months when people often feel less active.

Recommended models of natural alarm clock light include the Soleil Sunrise Alarm Clock Radio, various versions of the BioBrite Sunrise Clock where gradual sunrise simulation wakes you gently and naturally including the Biorite Sunrise Clock Advanced Model with White Noise to drown out other background sounds to help you fall asleep, and BioBrite Sunrise Clock Radio. The Philips Wake-up Light features 20 different brightness settings, dusk simulator to help you drift off to sleep and optional FM radio and nature sounds for a very pleasant and natural way to wake up. There are also some nice children’s versions of alarm clock lights such as the EZ Wake Junior Sunrise Alarm Clock with features such as a magical moon and stars globe, alternative fade-to-darkness or fade-to-nightlight.

An alarm clock light will be a great investment life choice for you. Sleeping and wakening patterns have profound influences on our lives. It makes so much sense to get the best possible advantage by sleeping and waking healthily that will help your whole lifestyle in all aspects from work to play, health, exercise, mood and wellbeing. I have found this myself and I am passionate to help other people find out how such a simple item can be of such tremendous benefit.

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You will find these Sunrise alarm clocks make ideal natural alarm clock lights and will enhance your life. They help your wellbeing and general mood as you wake up and see the world in a brand new light every day with a healthy natural alarm clock light.

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